We all are aware of the significance of forklifts in every industrial section, malls, store rooms and other places where things are heavier and still required to be placed somewhere on the rack. In order to keep the business running smoothly, one should stay vigilant regarding the maintenance and repair of this integral machinery called ‘forklift’. Definitely after the introduction of this machinery things are a bit easier than before, cost cutting, less labor work and other benefits are worth mentioning. With a little training and investment in forklift can save some serious bucks to the owner. Timely oil change, continuous monitoring of chips and cracks on the body and some other basic checks may make the overall work life easier. Hence today we are going to focus on the most important part which can immobilize the whole lifting and moving process badly. 

Usually people forego the health of tyres and honestly there is nothing worse than bad tyres in any vehicle same is the case with forklift tyres. Generally we ignore the warning signatures provided by the machine or vehicle itself as a result damage happens. Common brands of used forklifts in Melbourne tyres are Pneumatic or Cushion. One can easily catch the worn off tyre for example: Cushion tyres can be judged easily by looking at the tyre (a worn off rubber situation on the tyres can be identified as the time to replace the tyres). On the other hand, if the tread on the pneumatic is worn off this means one should replace the tyres instantly without even thinking for a second. These brands are considered as the most common ones for the forklifts but, there are some general identification through which one can check the overall condition of the tyre and can decide when to replace. 

Wearing off: the quantity of wear matters a lot on the tyre, usually 45% to 50% wear lines are found on the forklift’s tyres and the moment you see the tyre top meeting the wear line change it. 

Cracks: very obvious, do not ignore the cracks and chunking on the tyre as it shows the true picture of the overall condition of the tyre. It’s quite dangerous to operate any vehicle on such condition of tyres as it reduces the ground power of the vehicle, moreover vehicle like a forklift which is meant for lifting heavy objects must be operated with tyres of immaculate condition. 

Flats: be aware of such indications because not always tyre cracks, sometimes the normal pattern visibility vanishes away and hence the overall tyre becomes flat totally. This allows the friction to reduce and allows the forklift to slips instantly especially when the load is there on the forks. 

There are so many other things which one can do in order to keep the forklift up to date, it’s better to stay cautious poor condition of a vehicle may not just harm the inventory but also it may cause some fatal damages too such as: worker’s injury and death. 


Keep Up The Forklift…
Keep Up The Forklift…

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